Pearson Education is the world’s leading educational publishing firm with products that are used by over 100 million people worldwide. It provides educational text books, assessment tools, and education related services through such renowned brands as Longman, Allyn & Bacon, Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, Benjamin Cummings, and Pearson NCS. Pearson Education is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. In addition to Pearson Education, Pearson's primary operations include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.

EBD has been the primary developer of Pearson SuccessNet - a long-term technology initiative within Pearson Education that aims to fundamentally transform the way education is imparted in K-8 classrooms. SuccessNet provides a software platform for delivering a series of complementary self-service web-based applications for classroom management; electronic textbooks; student skill diagnostics; online testing, assessment and remediation; lesson planning; teacher-student interaction; teacher-administrator interaction; school administration; and reporting. SuccessNet is made available as a technology infrastructure to Pearson’s various member companies (such as Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman, etc.) who use it to deliver products for their specific markets. These products are delivered in an ASP model to school districts nationwide by hosting the applications at a centralized data center.

SuccessNet provides the overall software framework for developing and operating various component applications. It provides a series of infrastructure level services for these applications including user management and authentication, role-based access management, license management, content management, user interface rendering, persistence management and inter-application communication. The framework uses a J2EE based 5-layer architecture and is designed for high performance. The SuccessNet platform is currently being used to deliver educational products to over 2 million students across the country.

EBD designed, developed and deployed the SuccessNet platform and its various component applications. One such component application is a web-based Content Management System (called iTEXT) that is targeted at the content and workflow needs of teachers and students. iTEXT provides license-managed self-service access to online versions of textbook content and integrates this content with other SuccessNet services such as student skills assessment, lesson planning, calendar management, automated essay grading, interactive learning, online testing and online reporting. iTEXT also provides the following features:

  • Class and roster management services for teachers
  • Content presentation services
  • Messaging and notice board services
  • Online notebook management services

Both SuccessNet and iTEXT are being used as technology platforms by various Pearson member companies such as Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman, NCS, etc. These technologies power a number of Pearson web sites including and

J2EE architecture Apache Struts framework Open source development tools Oracle RDBMS RUP based project execution