About us


We design and build solutions for clients who use technology as a key differentiator for their business strategy.

We often integrate these solutions with our client’s existing internal systems, such as accounting, billing, manufacturing, customer management, and shipping. We use advanced internet technologies, a well-honed project execution methodology, and a global pool of skilled software engineers to deliver our engagements.

Our solutions have included web portals, mobile apps, customer relationship management applications, online transaction processing systems, content management platforms, and customer self-service solutions that span across functional areas in an enterprise such as human resources, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, business strategy, supply chain, logistics, and procurement. We have deep industry knowledge in several vertical markets and are eager to learn about new ones.

EBD is a privately held firm that has never had any external debt or venture funding. We were founded in 1995 as Misha Consulting Group, Inc (MCG). In 1999, MCG acquired eBusinessDesign and adopted its name for the combined firm. In 2004, the firm acquired Intellix, Inc. EBD currently maintains offices in California, Singapore, Kiev, and London; it also has a development center in India.